Customs clearance

Customs clearance - observance of the requirements legislation on payment of the duties VAT other measures of the checking, is realized when moving export and import cargo through border.

          If You happen to to deal with international delivery goods, You visualize, as it is important literate and operative customs registration of the cargo.

          The Customs registration cargo - a complex procedure of the premises goods and transport facilities under mode in accordance with requirements and positions legislation.

          OOO BryanskLogystikServis is information operator and unites information enterring from sender, shipping agent and directly grantee of goods, allowing its partner to use all advantage electronic declaring , as well as use technology of the presentation of the information in customs organs for preliminary informing.

          BryanskLogystikServis at present offers the full complex of the services on customs registration export-import cargo in zone of the action Bryanskoy customs.

          We shall undertake the decision of Your problems, in accordance with customs registration of goods. We offer its client and realize all facilities of the customs registration:
  • preparation and co-ordination of the package document for customs peelings
  • categorization goods in accordance with TN VED;
  • the presentation interest our client in customs organ;
  • the payment obligatory customs and other collection;
  • the reception certificate, SEZ;
  • the customs formalities of the registration (checking);
  • the formation foreign economic contract;
  • the payment of the customs duties and taxes;
  • the consultations on questions of the customs registration;
  • the import service-export operation (the customs registration of the import, customs registration of the export);
  • the accomodation cargo on storehouse SVH;
  • the filling all type transport document.
          We provide the full cycle of the customs registration of the cargo.

          The own specialists work In companies on customs registration. All documents are arranged experienced professional . The Standard periods of the customs registration 1-2 workdays. The Majority our client completely entrust us to realize the customs registration of the cargo, since know that we do this at optimum periods and with minimum costs.

          We shall help Your business to reach the put(deliver)ed integer.

          Having Addressed to us, You get the consultation on interesting You problem, connected with customs registration cargo and foreign economic activity.

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