Frequently Asked Question

What customs facilities You render?

The List of the services:
  • Undertaking the customs registration and issue cargo day at day;
  • Facilities of the preliminary calculation of the payments;
  • Optimization of the customs payments in accordance with customs legislation and adjusting letter FTS Russia;
  • Assistance at registration certificate correspondences to, phytoquarantine certificate, hygenic certificate;
  • Facilities on granting GTD (the cargo customs declaration);
  • Undertaking the customs registration and issue cargo in accordance with declared customs cut;
  • Customs facilities on assistance in preparing the necessary kit document at reception of the taxonomic decision at a rate of customs, FTS Russia and conclusions of the expert institutions of the Federal customs service;
  • Explanation of the legal particularities of the using customs mode;
  • Facilities on consultations and recommendations on order customs registration production and undertaking the customs checking;
  • Consultations on the main method of the determination and checking the customs cost of goods; the reasons for using by customs organ of the adjustment of the customs cost;
  • Preliminary informing customs about arrival of goods on TIR/MDP with use electronic channel relationship;
  • Electronic declaring.

What goods require the customs registration?

          Any goods of a domestic production which are taken out from Russia and the goods of import manufacture, imported into our country, should be exposed to customs registration.

What documents are required for customs registration?

         Standard(minimum) list document possibledownload here. Except this for acknowledgement of the structure of the customs cost can be inquired additional documents.

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