Preliminary informing TIR

Estimate advantages borders of the Russian Federation received at crossing with use of system of preliminary informing!

         Preliminary informing of the customs bodies located in automobile check points, consists in granting by an automobile carrier of data on the goods and vehicles before their actual arrival on customs territory of the Russian Federation.

         Participants of foreign trade activities and carriers which already apply today preliminary informing, get real visible advantages at customs registration in check points at the expense of reduction of time of the finding in : In the relation of vehicles on which the preliminary information is submitted, time of check of documents is reduced till 15 minutes. In case of absence of the preliminary information, preparation of an electronic copy of documents is carried out by the inspector of customs. This technical procedure occupies not less hour! It is not necessary to stand in a queue, on a number of check points input possibility on check point territory in out of the next order is given, workplaces for the officials of a customs post who are carrying out the customs control over the goods and vehicles, the Russian Federations moved through customs border in which relation the preliminary information is given are equipped and designated. Order N 1230 from October, 03rd, 2008

         Within the limits of concept realisation Systems of preliminary informing of customs bodies of the Russian Federation confirmed by the order 192 from March, 10th, 2006, Open Company "" gives a complex of information services in processing, storage and transfer of the preliminary information, according to structure and the formats established of Russia in the central database of customs bodies FTS of Russia on the channel closed the Internet.

Save time and money be connected to System of Preliminary Informing of Customs - BryanskLogystikServis!
  • The demand with the data for informing or documents in the scanned kind are sent on e-mail box:
  • After giving of the preliminary information the registration code will be informed you.
  • After the arrival in a check point, cargo registration it is carried out out of turn, for this purpose vehicles are equipped with the recognition symbols, allowing to define that transportation of the goods is carried out with use of preliminary informing.

Attention the Novelty!

Since January, 12th, 2009 in system of preliminary informing BryanskLogystikServis the system of automatic giving of the preliminary information directly from you is introduced.

         For reduction of time of processing of the preliminary information we had been introduced system of automatic giving of your data on our server passing the paper carrier and what or data processing in the manual. You fill all information in a specialised software which automatically sends the generated data to Us where there is a check on reliability and errors then you receive the report on registration. On sending, check and reception of the report on registration 1-2 minutes speed of data transmission on the Internet to channels leave.

         Using the given mechanism it is possible to submit the information in unlimited quantity in a round-the-clock mode instantly. The additional bonus is possibility independently to withdraw and make change in the submitted information in an automatic mode with instant reception of acknowledgement.

For reception of the sample of the demand and the contract direct inquiry on

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